A•dust is a high performance dust filter, well suited to applications where dry dust is generated.

  • Welding
  • Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting
  • Grinding and Polishing

Why use
a dust filter?

  • Dust is hazardous to your health.
  • Dust is collected on machines and walls.
  • Dust can penetrate and cause damage inside computers and other electronic equipment.

has the solution!

The objective of a dust filter is to get rid of unhealthy particles. In some models, we use a HEPA-filter as the final filter step for the best possible result. With that, the air usually becomes so clean that it can be returned to the premises. We use pleated filter cartridges with superior filtration properties that clean more air/m² than most other filters.

Absolent is the only dust filter producer that utilizes the "down flow" technique to the full. This enables better cleaning of the filter medium, especially during continuous operation. Pressure-controlled cleaning ensures that the filter cartridges are never cleaned needlessly.

Absolent's filter cartridges can be washed, which contributes to an unbeatably low total cost of ownership. The filter cartridges have a normal life span of 2-4 years before they have to be exchanged.

The big service door makes service quick and easy. The filter cartridges have a quick-snap lock, which makes it easy to change them without any tools.

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