A•mist Oil Mist Filter

A•mist oil mist filters are well suited to applications such as:

  • Grinding (cutting fluid emulsion)
  • Turning (cutting fluid emulsion)
  • Milling (cutting fluid emulsion)
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Machining, using straight oil and moderate loads

Why use an
oil mist filter?

  • Oil mist is hazardous to your health.
  • Oil mist causes slippery floors and collects dust on machines and walls.
  • Official regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. It is therefore important to invest in equipment that will comply with future requirements.

has the solution!

Absolent's oil mist filter A•mist guarantees a high separating efficiency, which does not deteriorate even over long periods of operation. The filters can run continuously 24 hours a day.

The filter cassettes are self-draining and have a very long operating life, which means minimal servicing and maintenance costs. A•mist filter cassettes can usually be washed.

The filtered air can usually be returned to the premises, which saves heating or cooling energy, and the returned oil can be used for recycling.

The filters are based on a modular design which makes it possible to provide customized solutions ranging from single units to large central installations.

All our filters are fire-tested and have a low noise level.

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