A•smoke is a high performance oil smoke filter, well suited to applications such as:

  • Heat-treatment
  • Cold-drawing
  • Gear cutting
  • Grinding with straight oil
  • CNC turning with straight oil
  • Forging operations and cold pressing

Why use an
oil smoke filter?

  • Oil smoke is hazardous to your health.
  • Oil smoke causes slippery floors and collects oil and dust on machines and walls.
  • Oil smoke can lead to coating in ventilation pipes, a potential fire risk, and in heat exchangers, so reducing the efficiency of heat recovery.
  • The cutting oil which drains from the filter can be reused.
  • The amount of oil smoke polluted air discharged must not exceed the prescribed limits.

has the solution!

Absolent's A•smoke filters have been designed to guarantee more than 99.9% separation of particles down to 0.3µm. The separating efficiency remains constant and does not deteriorate over time.

It far exceeds today's legal requirements and A•smoke is therefore a sound investment for the future.

Our oil-smoke filters require very little service: they can run for 1-6 years without a filter change. Such long service intervals are hard to beat!

A•smoke filters incorporate three filter steps whereat the two first filter steps are self-draining in order to allow continuous operation.

All our filters are fire-tested and have a low noise level.