Service & Installation

Our competitive advantage

Absolent is a reliable partner, from analyzing your filtration needs and carrying out project design work to installing our filter systems and follow-up. Our strong focus on your needs characterizes every contact.

How we work

From contaminated air to clean air

Absolent's ambition is always to exceed your expectations for a safe, effective, complete solution for cleaning contaminated industrial air. When contacting Absolent or one of our distributors, our working procedure is the following:

  • To begin with we carry out a thorough comprehensive analysis of the problems, needs and prerequisites of your application.
  • We take air quality readings, study the machinery and examine the requirements of the specific premises.
  • Based on a careful analysis of the results, we offer advice and suggest measures, which are tailor made for each particular case.
  • We guarantee the highest conceivable delivery precision.
  • To special order, we can assist you in installing the equipment so that you will be able to commission as soon as possible. We also help you with your plant layout and locate the filters and piping so they will blend well in the existing environment. We can likewise take full responsibility for cowls and various types of extraction.
  • If the conditions should change, we will place our know-how at your disposal. At Absolent, we also offer service agreements that will lengthen the operating life of your filters.